This style is discontinued. SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT

When a model goes into Clearance/Sale at Pleaser, Pleaser has decided to no longer produce the items and only sell the last available sizes they have in stock; usually with a discount (but this is not always the case...)

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee quality or availability (and are unfortunately no longer entitled to a warranty from Pleaser) if we still have to purchase items that are in Clearance/Sale at Pleaser. That is why we try (despite the often attractive discount) to minimise the Clearance/Sale items from Pleaser that still have to be purchased and to sell items that have gone into Clearance/Sale that we have in our own stock. (of course also with a discount!)

We have various categories of Sale-products in our webshop:

1) Clearance/Sale items that we do not have in our own stock and that we still have to purchase from Pleaser
2) Clearance/Sale items from our own stock; so unused items that are sold at a discount because they are/are going out of the collection
3) Items sold at a discount due to depreciation or overstock
4) Other discounted items


1) Clearance/Sale items we still have to purchase from Pleaser

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee quality or availability (and are unfortunately no longer entitled to a warranty from Pleaser) if we still have to purchase items that are in Clearance/Sale at Pleaser. That is why we try (despite the often attractive discount) to minimise the Pleaser Clearance/Sale items that still have to be purchased.

However, we will still sell some items that are in clearance/sale; but we can never guarantee that they are still available if you order them from us because this depends on the stock at Pleaser. SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT!

So keep in mind that there is also a chance that we will unfortunately have to disappoint you if an item turns out to be sold out. We can of course always help you search for another (comparable) item; but this may result in a price difference that will have to be settled.

If we cannot help you find a replacement item, you can of course get your money back!

(And no: we do not give an extra discount because a model appears to be sold out, sorry!)

Models that are in clearance/sale that we have yet to purchase can be recognised by the following characteristics:


  • Unlike models that we do have in our stock (see below), these items do not have a size stated in the title.
  • The stock indication states "Available at the supplier" (or "leverbaar bij de leverancier")
  • The expected delivery time in this case is also 1 - 1½ weeks
  • The product is (usually) discounted
  • In the product photo there is a "Clearance/Sale" label in the top left corner

Items that we still have to purchase also have the usual 1 - 1½ weeks delivery time..


2) Clearance/Sale from our own stock

Because we cannot guarantee quality or availability if we still have to purchase items that are in Clearance/Sale from Pleaser, we mainly try to sell models that have gone into Clearance/Sale that we have in our own stock and therefore can physically assess quality of.

Clearance/Sale items can be recognised by the following characteristics:


  • The title states the size of the item, for example in this case:
    [Maat 45 | US-14]
  • In the product photo at the bottom left you can see a "Clearance/Sale" label
  • The product is (usually) discounted

If the desired size is not available in our webshop or cannot be ordered, it is unfortunately no longer for sale and no longer available.

You can find all Clearance/Sale items in our Sale-collection.


3) Items sold at a discount due to depreciation or overstock:


If we have (too) much stock of a certain item in a certain size, we may decide to sell it at a discount. These will therefore be items that are not normally sold at a discount; and the discount only applies to the sizes indicated. Other sizes of the same item that we do not have in stock will therefore not be sold at a discount.


Our Sale collection also contains items that we sell at a discount due to depreciation*. These may be items that are still produced by Pleaser, and are therefore not normally sold at a discount, but are sold at a discount by us for various reasons (which you can find below).

Of course we only sell items that, despite depreciation, are:

- safe
- functioning well (as intended)
- as expected (always read the explanation in the description and, if applicable, view the additional photos)
- still covered by the general warranty (if there are exceptions to the warranty, these will also be clearly communicated)

*Depreciation can be:
- slight damage(s) to the packaging or the item itself
- the absence of parts or packaging materials (e.g. associated laces, interchangeable parts or the shoe box)
- returned items that can no longer be sold 'as new' because they contain signs of wear or are clearly damaged
- items that are no longer in 'new condition' because they have been in the box for a while

We will always clearly state on discounted items when they have been discounted due to depreciation, also explaining the reason for the depreciation in the description and, if applicable, posting clear photos of any damage or photos of missing parts; which will therefore not be present in the photo... ;)


4) Other discounted items:

Occasionally, we will sell items that no longer function 'properly', but may still be used for other purposes. We do this because we think it is a shame if 'usable' materials are thrown away and because we want to offer you the opportunity to perhaps give the product a nice second life. In most cases the price will be very low and will only serve to cover expenses**. We often donate these types of articles to for example: art or fashion schools, but sometimes we also place them on the site.

Items that could belong to this category include: Showroom models that can be used decoratively but are no longer safe to use as shoes; (showroom) models of which, for whatever reason, we may only have one shoe left (and we have that more often than we would like to...) or for example broken shoes that can be used as decoration and broken shoes whose material can be used. This will, again, be clearly stated in the description and the price will of course be very low.

**Shipping charges may apply if you cannot collect it from our showroom yourself. Please note: for this last category of items ("Other Items") your right of return expires. See our terms and conditions and refund policy for more information.




Information about what Clearance/Sale from Pleaser

When an item goes into Clearance/Sale at Pleaser, Pleaser has decided to no longer produce it and only sell the last available sizes they have in stock; usually with a discount (but this is not always the case.)

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee quality or availability when items are in Clearance/Sale. That is why we remove most Clearance/Sale items from sale. The fact that we cannot offer you this guarantee is partly due to the following:
When a model is in Clearance/Sale, we cannot guarantee that it is still available because we have a time difference with the supplier. Pleaser's current stock indication may therefore no longer be completely 'accurate', or another importer may have just purchased an entire Sale stock.
In some cases, items that go into Clearance/Sale have already been in the collection for a number of years; Even though Pleaser has items produced more often, it can still happen that a particular item has been in the supplier's warehouse for a long time. Now this does not always cause a problem; but because most (non-animal) materials do decline in quality over time, there is a higher chance that they will not be able to withstand the sudden climate change. Unfortunately, especially due to the humidity in the Netherlands, it sometimes happens that the material no longer appears to be in good condition upon arrival, and is sometimes even damaged or starting to show signs of depreciation.
We want to keep the risk of this happening as low as possible because we believe quality is most important and because we want to keep you from possible disappointment.

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DemoniaCult Torment 170

DemoniaCult Torment 170


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If the stock-indication states"In stock at the supplier" :

in stock at supplier

This item is not in stock in our showroom, but is available at the supplier and can therefore be ordered at the supplier.

If the stock-indication states "Showroom stock:" with a number:

showroom stock

This item is in stock in our showroom and therefore does not need to be ordered at the supplier.

If the stock-indication states "(Temporarily) Out of Stock":

out of stock
This item is not in stock and not available at the supplier.
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Expected delivery time:
1-1½ week

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Stap in de Schijnwerpers met DemoniaCult Torment 170

Laat je voeten spreken met de DemoniaCult Torment 170 knielaarzen. Deze opvallende laarzen combineren een tijdloze gothic flair met moderne details, perfect voor wie durft op te vallen. De matzwarte afwerking en de stoere veter-look creëren een krachtige uitstraling, terwijl de afneembare kettingen met bedelhangertjes in de vorm van vampiertanden en een kat in een maan je een persoonlijke touch geven.

Ondanks dat de naam anders doet vermoeden zijn de Torment-modellen zeer comfortabel en lopen ze prettig en stabiel. De chunky blokhak en plateauzool zorgen voor een comfortabele pasvorm waardoor je de hele dag (of nacht) door kunt zonder in te leveren op stijl. De volledige ritssluiting aan de binnenzijde maakt het aan- en uittrekken van de laarzen een fluitje van een cent.
Gemaakt van hoogwaardig imitatieleer, deze laarzen bewijzen dat mode en duurzaamheid hand in hand gaan. De veganistische materialen maken ze een bewuste keuze voor elke garderobe.


  • Lace-Up Front: Voor een persoonlijke pasvorm en ultieme stijl.
  • Clip-On Chain Detail: Verwijderbaar voor een subtiele of opvallende look.
  • Comfort: Met de hoge blokhak en ronde neusvorm loop je op wolken.
  • Vegan friendly: Zwart imitatieleer dat bij elke outfit past.

Kies uit de maten 36 tot 40 (US 6 tot 10) voor de perfecte fit. Of je nu een avondje uit gepland hebt of gewoon je dagelijkse look een upgrade wilt geven, de Torment 170 laarzen zijn jouw go-to keuze voor een onweerstaanbare combinatie van comfort en coole stijl. Voeg ze nu toe aan je collectie en ervaar zelf waarom DemoniaCult synoniem staat voor kwaliteit in de alternatieve mode scene.

Step into the Spotlight with DemoniaCult Torment 170

Let your footprint speak with the DemoniaCult Torment 170 knee boots. These striking boots combine a timeless gothic flair with modern details, perfect for those who dare to stand out. The matte black finish and the cool lace-up front look create a powerful appearance, while the detachable chains with charm pendants in the shape of vampire's teeth and a cat in a moon give you a personal touch.

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, the Torment-styles are very comfortable and stable. The chunky block heel and platform ensure a comfortable fit so you can go all day (or night) without sacrificing on style. The full zipper on the inside makes putting on and taking off the boots a piece of cake.
Made from high-quality faux leather, these boots prove that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. The vegan materials make them a conscious choice for every wardrobe.


  • Lace-Up Front: For a personal fit and ultimate style.
  • Clip-On Chain Detail: Removable for a subtle or bold look.
  • Comfort: With the high block heel, platform and round toe shape you will walk on clouds.
  • Vegan Friendly: Black faux leather that matches any outfit.

Choose from sizes 36 to 40 (US 6 to 10) for the perfect fit. Whether you have a night out planned or just want to upgrade your everyday look, the Torment 170 boots are your go-to choice for an irresistible combination of comfort and cool style. Add them to your collection now and experience for yourself why DemoniaCult is synonymous with quality in the alternative fashion scene.

Heel Height: 14 cm (5½")

Platform Height: 7,5 cm (3")


  • Imitatieleer (PU) | Leatherette (PU)

Vegan: Yes!

Expected delivery time:
1-1½ week

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General information

We import from America especially for you. The average delivery time is 1 to 1½ weeks (within the Netherlands) but this can also be more.

If items have already been purchased for you from America, we can charge the import / postage / import duty costs if the order is canceled before delivery, or if the order is returned after delivery.

Of course we prefer not to do this, but in order to cover the unnecessary costs incurred by us and to discourage many returns (think of the environment), this has unfortunately proved necessary.

This is, of course, not the case with an exchange for a different size if the size turns out to be incorrect.

You can read more about this in our Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy.

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US-5 = size 35
(sometimes also EU-size 34)

US-6 = size 36

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US-8 = size 38

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US-11 = size 41

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US-5 = size 37

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US-8 = size 40

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US-14 = size 47/48

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Some Funtasma®-styles have the following converted dimensions:

size S = 40 to 42

size M = 43/44

size L = 45/46

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If you want to know the Boot shaft circumference, length or Calf circumference you can use the following data sheet:

Boot shaft circumference data sheet