Physical showroom closed from November 10th to November 24th | NO VISITS OR APPOINTMENTS

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Dear Party-shoe'ers,

Between Friday November 10th to Friday November 24th, Party-shoes will operate from abroad (no big deal, just a well-deserved visit abroad)

To provide clarity, I have briefly listed our working methods between November 10 and 24 a little further on in this message 👇👇

No panic; We will still be reachable (as long as the connection abroad allows this of course) and you can still ask your question or place your order. Essentially, orders will not be delayed and your order will be packed and shipped just like we always do; but it is just not possible to pick up your order in our showroom between November 10th and 24th.

Our way of working between November 10th and 24th


Does not affect the following:

  • On your order or on the delivery time:
    • Orders will be processed and shipped as normal
      • See our Order Journeys to view the journey of your Kinky-shoes order from placing your order to receiving your order
  • Our customer service (but you may not receive an immediate response)
    • You can still reach us at:
      • the chat-function on the website


Does affect the following:

Between Friday November 10th and Friday November 24th it is not possible:

    • To physically visit the showroom
      • It is therefore obviously also not possible to make an appointment for a date between November 10th and November 24th
    • To pick up your order in the showroom
      • We will temporarily only accept orders that can be shipped, or you'd have to wait to pick up your order until after November 24th. Sorry!
    • You can still return something (preferably not, of course) but because there will not be anyone present in our showroom, it will take longer before we can process your return.
      • So please pay a little extra attention on placing your order and double check whether everything is correct
        • is the size correct; the color; the type/model-style; heel height/platformheight etc.

    Also take into account:

    • It may take a little longer than usual before you receive a response from us to a question (via email or via a chat message on the website).
      • But we do our best to respond and help you as quickly as possible
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    Stock indication

    We buy on order from our American supplier. For that reason, the delivery time is usually one to 1½ weeks.

    When an item is present in our own showroom stock in the size you selected, there will most likely be a stock-indication shown in between the product price and description;
    "Showroom Stock: ... ";
    that shows our current stock.

    It will look something like this:

    showroom stock

    If an item is in stock in our own showroom, we will ship it within a few days. 

    If an item is available at the supplier, but not present in our own showroom you will find a stock-indication saying "in stock at supplier" and it will look like this:

    stock supplier




    If an item is not in stock and also not available from the supplier, this will be indicated (in most cases) by the fact that the item cannot be ordered/cannot be placed in your shopping cart when you select the desired size and you will see this indication:

    out of stock

    Occasionally it is possible that we are not yet aware of a sold-out size*.

    If you can add an item to your shopping cart, this means that the item is most likely available* from the supplier (with the exception of sale models, which may have already been sold out).
    The delivery time is then approximately one to 1½ weeks.

    Pre-orders and Back-orders:

    Sometimes models or sizes are temporarily sold out but available again within a short period of time, you can still order them (in advance); we call this a Backorder.

    The same applies to Pre-orders; only here are new styles that have not been released before. If these are expected by the supplier within a short period of time, you can already place a pre-order.

    Back order:
    If a certain size can be ordered as a backorder, the "add to cart" button will be replaced by a black "Backorder" button.
    That button looks like this:

    backorder button

    In the description of the product it is then indicated that it concerns a Back-order for the sizes mentioned. The description also states the expected date that they will be available again, but keep in mind that this can always shift a bit.

    Pre-orders are about the same as above; only here are new styles that have not been released before. The expected delivery date is stated in the title and you can therefore place your order in advance. A pre order product page will look like this:

    pre order

    Please note: the delivery time, in both cases, is therefore longer than 1 to 1½ weeks.
    The delivery time depends on when the models or sizes are actually available (again) and on the shipment from our supplier from the USA to the Netherlands.
    The delivery time will be approximately one and a half to two weeks, starting from the expected date that they are available again. Keep that in mind!

    We will of course keep you informed in case of any delay.

    If you would like to know before placing your order whether an item is in stock or what the delivery time is, please contact us:

    * it can sometimes happen that a model turns out not to be available when we purchase it for you; we are ultimately also dependent on our supplier and whether the current stock indication is correct. In this case we will always look for a suitable solution in consultation with you; we can possibly help you choose a different model or colour, take a look in our own stock if we have something similar, or find out when the desired model will be available again and put you on a 'Backorder' list; you will then receive the ordered item as soon as it is available again.
    Of course you always get the choice to cancel your order, in which case you will receive the amount paid back in the same way as you paid **.

    *See our Return and refund policy for more information

    In showroom stock:

    See the stock indication (explanation also above) to see which size we have in stock

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